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The Golden Age of Science Fiction, Vol. IX
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: missing
Ratings: ★★★☆☆
Publisher: Halcyon Press Ltd.
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This Halcyon Classics ebook collection contains fifty science fiction short stories by more than forty different authors. Many of the stories in this collection were published during the heyday of popular science fiction magazines from the 1930s to the 1950s.

Included within this work are stories by Poul Anderson, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Phillip K. Dick, Randall Garrett, Paul Ernst, Kurt Vonnegut, Jack Williamson, Phillip Jose Farmer, Lester Del Rey, Leigh Brackett, Murray Leinster, Ben Bova, and many others.

This collection includes an active table of contents for easy navigation.

A Strange Manuscript found in a Copper Cylinder (James De Mille)
A World by the Tale (Randall Garrett)
A World is Born (Leigh Brackett)
Accidental Death (Peter Baily)
Earthmen Bearing Gifts (Fredric Brown)
Atom Boy (Ray Cummings)
Beyond Lies the Wub (Phillip K. Dick)
Blind Spot (Bascom Jones)
Cully (Jack Egan)
Dead Giveaway (Randall Garrett)
Dead Ringer (Lester Del Rey)
Dead World (Jack Douglas)
Divinity (Joseph Samachson)
Four Miles Within (Anthony Gilmore)
Heist Job on Thizar (Randall Garrett)
Hex (Laurence Janifer)
In the Year 2889 (Jules Verne)
Indulgence of Negu Mah (Robert Arthur)
Lease to Doomsday (Lee Archer)
Lost in Translation (Laurence Janifer)
McIlvane’s Star (August Derleth)
Missing Link (Frank Herbert)
Next Logical Step (Ben Bova)
Pandemic (J.F. Bone)
Remember the Alamo (T.R. Fehrenbach)
Salvage in Space (Jack Williamson)
Security (Poul Anderson)
Subspace Survivors (E.E. “Doc” Smith)
The Aliens (Murray Leinster)
The Big Trip Up Yonder (Kurt Vonnegut)
The Chronic Argonauts (H.G. Wells)
The Cosmic Express (Jack Williamson)
The Day Time Stopped Moving (Bradner Buckner)
The Eternal Wall (Raymond Z. Gallun)
The Gifts of Asti (Andre Norton)
The Hated (Frederick Pohl)
The Last Evolution (John W. Campbell)
The Man Who Saw the Future (Edmond Hamilton)
The Memory of Mars (Raymond F. Jones)
The Moon is Green (Fritz Leiber)
The Nothing Equation (Tom Godwin)
The Power and the Glory (Charles W. Diffin)
The Radiant Shell (Paul Ernst)
The Stoker and the Stars (Algis Budrys)
The Street That Wasn’t There (Carl Jacobi and Clifford D. Simak)
The World Behind the Moon (Paul Ernst)
There is a Reaper (Charles De Vet)
They Twinkled Like Jewels (Phillip José Farmer)
Waste Not, Want (Dave Dryfoos)
Year of the Big Thaw (Marion Zimmer Bradley)