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Genre: Historical
Series: missing
Ratings: ★★★☆☆
Publisher: Hachette Digital
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ISBN: 9780349117416
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In 1037, a senior civil servant of the Byzantine empire faces a tedious journey to Greece, escorting the Army payroll. His only companions are a detachment of the Empire's elite Guard, recruited from Viking Scandinavia. When the wagon sheds a wheel, he passes the time talking with two veterans, who have a remarkable story to tell; the Viking discovery of America.As he records the story, years later, he also considers its effect on the fourth member of the party; a young Norwegian guardsman who went on to become King Harald Hardradi, who died invading Englandin 1066 …

From the Publisher

The year is 1036. John Stetathus, a middle-aged civil servant from Constantinople, is volunteered to accompany the army payroll to Sicily. Traveling with him are twelve iron chests filled with gold coin and three soldiers from the Varangian Guard—the elite troops recruited from Scandinavia. When their wagon loses a wheel somewhere near Corinth, all they can do is wait and talk. And the Varangians have a remarkable story to tell. For two of the men, originally from Ireland, once knew a man called Leif Erikson. And all three of the soldiers, some years earlier, had founded a settlement on a large island they called Meadowland. In his memorable new historical novel, Thomas Holt tells the story of the Vikings' discovery of America.

About the Author

Thomas Holt is the author of historical fiction, including THE WALLED ORCHARD and ALEXANDER AT THE WORLD'S END, also such comic fantasy classics as WHO'S AFRAID OF BEOWULF?, EXPECTING SOMEONE TALLER and OVERTIME.