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Genre: Fantasy , Horror
Series: missing
Ratings: ★★★☆☆
Publisher: Steve Merrifield, via Smashwords
Pub Year:
ISBN: 2940000831540
List Price: 0.00
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Martin Roberts is a successful artist, but is finding that his creativity is slipping away until he is responsible for running a teenage girl down in his car. Miraculously the girl survives, but stranger than her lack of injuries is her striking physical appearance; stark white hair and skin, and jet black eyes. Haunted by her looks, he seeks her out, facing dangers of this world and another.


Welcome to my space on the Internet! I write fiction within the horror genre and have written e-book titles that are available for free download on the internet as well as commercial releases.
For those of you that would like to know a little about me; I live in Essex in the UK with my partner and our two cats. I work for the health service with people with mental health issues, and I am trained as a counsellor in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). My private practice is on hold at the moment while I concentrate on my writing.
Personally I am a sociable person, although many of my friends now live out of the area now, but I enjoy catching up with friends over a cup of tea and a cake when I can. I enjoy being out in the countryside on long walks. I am a fairly homely person and in my spare time I love films, TV, reading, and games, and I also have a burgeoning interest in history, mainly British history, Victorian, and the history of London, and folklore in general.
My main interest though, as you probably guessed, is writing. I have attempted the traditional publishing routes, but have yet to get past the enquiry letter with agents or publishers. It's a tough market. I have not given up though and I have decided to self-publish.
Being self-published there isn't a publishing house behind my work and that means; no launch, no big advertising campaign, no reviews in the press, and no shelf-position in your local book shop or library. I'm grateful even for a small audience because people would have given me their valuable time to read the work of a new writer. However, I want writing, my interest and hobby, to play a larger part in my life. For that to happen I need to achieve a greater readership. My work and I need your support. All I ask is that you read it, rate it, and recommend it to others. It would also be nice if you stuck around to see what happens in the future...
I have my own site, and I am on twitter and facebook and welcome your comments and support come and say 'Hi'!