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The Hive
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: Book 3.0 in the Star Wars: Clone Wars novels series
Ratings: ★★★★☆☆
Publisher: LucasBooks
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9780345478689
List Price: 0.00
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BONUS: This short story features an exclusive author interview—plus an excerpt from Steven Barnes’ Star Wars novel, *The Cestus Deception.


Dispatched as a Republic envoy to the Outer Rim planet Ord Cestus—in a bid to halt the sale of potentially deadly “bio-droids” to the Confederacy—Obi-Wan Kenobi finds himself enlisted in a mission more desperate, and dangerous, than diplomatic. The once self-contained world has long since been co-opted by unscrupulous offworlders, whose plunder of a vital natural resource has enabled the rise of a powerful corporation that controls the economy. Ord Cestus’s native population, the X’Ting, are now mere second-class citizens in their own society.

Enter the Jedi Knight, with news that a legal technicality has turned the tables—and the corrupt forces with a stranglehold on Ord Cestus are now at the mercy of the X’Ting. Circumstances, however, are more dire than the Republic suspected.

In the wake of a devastating plague, the X’Ting’s benevolent rulers are dead, and the once tightly knit race has splintered into battling factions. Reunification can only come with the rise of new royals, whom all X’Ting are bound by blood to serve. But the eggs that will spawn those sovereigns lie out of reach, secured in a secret chamber and booby-trapped by those whose knowledge died with them in the plague. Now, to salvage a people’s destiny, Obi-Wan will risk a veritable descent into hell: braving the unknown horrors in the forgotten depths of an alien world, on a perilous quest from which none who went before have ever returned.

From Publishers Weekly

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi strides—and soars and plots and duels—again in this stirring new addition to the Star Wars saga. Hugo nominee Barnes (Zulu Heart) picks Kenobi up in middle age during the Clone Wars between the good-guy Republic and the dastardly Confederacy, sending Kenobi's impetuous Jedi Padawan (apprentice) Anakin Skywalker offstage and Kenobi as ambassador to the remote planet Ord Cestus, now producing new bio-droids able to challenge the Jedi in combat. Accompanied by another Jedi Knight, tentacle-haired Nautolan Kit Fisto, five superbly bred and trained military trooper-clones, and a wondrously conceived giant slug who proves an inspired barrister, Kenobi plunges into Cestan intrigues, trying to avoid Cestus's destruction and sensing a sinister concealed threat in the nick of time. Loaded with exotic offworlders and vicious baddies, mystical insights from the Force and a poignant love affair between Nate, a clone trooper whose Code demands that he die fighting for the Republic, and Sheeka Tull, a brave and brainy female pilot, this splendid adventure yarn offers a gut-wrenching surprise on nearly every page and a knock-the-socks-off ending nearly as thrilling as Luke Skywalker's original swoop through the Death Star's trench. Go for broke, Obi-Wan, and may the Force provide more like this one.
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From Booklist

Set during the Clone Wars, Barnes' Star Wars novel focuses on a crucial mission by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Surprised when summoned to Coruscant, Obi-Wan finds his surprise becoming concern when he and fellow Jedi Master Kit Fisto witness a demonstration of JK-thirteen droid, known as a "Jedi Killer." Although Kit defeats it, the Jedi Council has received word that the Confederacy is planning to purchase similar droids en masse from the manufacturer on Cestus. Obi-Wan and Kit, along with five clone troopers, travel to Cestus in hopes of getting the government to agree to halt sale of the deadly droids. But intrigue and danger await them on the planet. The regent is under the sway of the company that is constructing the droids; an important contact is playing both sides; and a deadly female warrior with Jedi training has arrived on Cestus, intent on killing Obi-Wan. A thrilling, worthy addition to the Star Wars universe that should help slake the thirst of fans eagerly awaiting the third prequel movie. Kristine Huntley
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