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The Mall of Cthulhu
Genre: Fantasy , Horror , Humour , Mystery
Series: missing
Ratings: ★★★☆☆
Publisher: Night Shade Books
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9781597801270
List Price: 0.00
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A decade ago, college student Laura Harker was saved from a fate worse than death at the hands (and fangs) of a centuries-old vampire priestess and her Satanic minions. Her rescuer, an awkward, geeky folklore student named Teddy, single-handedly slew the undead occupants of the Omega Alpha sorority house, spurred into heroic action by fate itself, inexorably intertwining his and Laura's destinies. After navigating her way through law school, Laura is now a junior FBI agent assigned to the Bureau's Boston office. Unfortunately, she finds her job involves more paperwork than adventure. When Ted stumbles onto a group of Cthulhu cultists planning to awaken the Old Ones through mystic incantations culled from the fabled Necronomicon, he and Laura must spring into action, traveling from Boston to the seemingly-peaceful suburbs of Providence and beyond, all the way to the sanity-shattering non-Euclidian alleyways and towers of dread R'lyeh itself, in order to prevent an innocent shopping center from turning into... The Mall of Cthulhu!

From Publishers Weekly

At a Delaware university in 1993, geeky folklore student Ted took out a nest of vampires with an axe and a Zippo, saving hot lesbian coed Laura. A decade later, he's still haunted by his supernatural experience, living off the hush money from the university while working as a barista and stalking Laura, now an FBI agent. When Ted learns of a racist cult plotting to bring back the Old Ones, the two friends investigate, and some supernatural shenanigans and carnage ensue. Cooper's characters verge on the whiny and adolescent, but the Lovecraft jibes never quite wear thin. Diehard fans of the short story Call of Cthulhu might not like the unflattering picture of their idol, but those with a passing familiarity will find the pages turning swiftly thanks to the silly action. (Oct.)
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