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A Disobedient Girl: A Novel
Genre: Contemporary , Historical
Series: missing
Ratings: ★★★★☆☆
Publisher: Atria Books
Pub Year:
ISBN: 1439101957
List Price: 0.00
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In one of the most impressive debuts of the year, Ru Freeman offers us a mesmerizing tale set in her native Sri Lanka of two women, strangers to one another, whose destinies are inextricably and tragically bound.

In her heart, Latha knows that she was not meant to be a servant. She was born for finer things like the rosesmelling Lux soap she steals, the glasses of fresh lime juice that she helps herself to, and the brand new shoes she begs for. But her fate is dictated by the Vithanages, the family she has been working for since she was five years old. We follow Latha’s story for thirty years as she fights for her dignity and navigates the loss of her innocence, competing with Thara Vithanage—a girl her own age who enjoys every freedom that Latha yearns for but is denied, including the love of an ordinary boy. Interwoven with Latha’s story is the tale of Biso, a devoted mother who has decided to leave her coastal Southern town and escape from her abusive husband, taking her three young children with her. But her journey toward a better life in the mountains results in a series of devastating missteps that connects her life with that of Latha’s in an unexpected and heartbreaking way. A Disobedient Girl is a compelling exploration of personal desire set against the volatile backdrop of class and prejudice as two women journey toward their future, united by a shared history but separated by different fates.

From Publishers Weekly

Ru Freeman's debut novel chronicles the trials and travails of two Sri Lankan women and their pursuit of freedom. Orphaned then absorbed as a servant into a well-to-do Sri Lankan family at the age of five, Latha Kumari grows up in tandem with the family's spoiled young daughter, Thara. However, Latha's mysterious origins and ambiguous caste ensure her a future of unpaid servitude in the Vithanages's household. Resentful, she involves herself with the man meant for Thara. This choice ultimately causes her loss and suffering. Alongside Latha's story is that of Biso's, who is fleeing a drunken abusive husband, a murdered lover and townspeople who whisper whore as she walks past. Biso escapes blindly to the salvation and promise of distant relatives in the north, but her journey with her three children across the country is tainted by murder and terrorism. The kindness of strangers runs out, but the end of Biso's tragic journey will end up being the promise of Latha's future. Freeman illustrates contemporary Sri Lankan life through the battles waged between lovers, friends and strangers alike in this study in dignity, strength of character, tolerance and perseverance. (July)
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“Startling, subversive and heartbreaking, A Disobedient Girl offers a window into the lives of two unforgettable women. Read this novel for the beauty of the writing and the pleasure of discovering a uniquely gifted storyteller.” —Danielle Trussoni, New York Times bestselling author of Angelology

“A Disobedient Girl is a lush, sweeping epic about desire and betrayal, hope and perseverance. Ru Freeman is a fierce, unflinching storyteller, her landscape dark and beautiful, her characters unforgettable. I couldn’t put this novel down.” —Aryn Kyle, New York Times bestselling author of Boys and Girls Like You and Me and The God of Animals

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