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Bouncers and Bodyguards
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Ratings: ★★★★★
Publisher: Mainstream Publishing
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ISBN: 9781845963026
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Bouncers and Bodyguards is a collection of astonishing true stories about the tough world of personal protection and nightclub doors from some of Britain’s most notorious figures. Read how Charlie Bronson helped his friends out on the doors of his local in the early 1970s before being banged up for well over 30 years; how Ken Wharfe, personal bodyguard to the late Princess Diana, spent his life in Special Branch looking after royalty and diplomats worldwide; how Manchester gangster Mickey Francis ran most of the city’s doors back in the 1980s; and how a top British security firm advertised for bouncers for a high-risk "suicide" operation in central Baghdad. By turns funny, sad, and shocking, these candid accounts were written exclusively for this publication by individuals who have spent much of their working lives in what is a volatile, violent, and frequently unpredictable industry. Compiled by former bodyguard, ex-mercenary, and well-known nightclub bouncer Robin Barratt, Bouncers and Bodyguards is an exposé of an infamous twilight world about which rumors have often circulated. The truth has never really been uncovered—until now. Contains contributions from many well-known figures, including Dave Courtney, Steve Wraith, Charlie Bronson, and Mickey Francis.

About the Author

Robin Barratt is the president of the British Bodyguard Association, editor and publisher of The Bodyguard Magazine and the author of several books on the nightclub security industry.