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The Falconmaster
Genre: Fantasy
Series: missing
Ratings: ★★★★★☆
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9780525469933
List Price: 0.00
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This fantasy combines wizardry and magic with an absorbing animal-rescue story and should appeal to all fantasy lovers, but especially boys. Wat, a crippled boy, is an outcast in his village and retreats often to the forest, away from the cruel taunts of the villagers. There he witnesses the lord's handlers heartlessly kill a nesting pair of falcons so they can take the baby birds for their master. Wat, outraged, steals the nestlings and escapes into the heart of the forest, where he meets a mysterious old man. He is a mage-a wizard-who teaches him many things, among them how to care for the birds so that they may eventually fly free, and how to find some helpful magic-which is closer to him than he ever believed.

From School Library Journal

Grade 4-7-A well-written fantasy set in Norman England. Ten-year-old Wat has a bad leg and is blind in one eye, and because popular superstition associates disabilities with the devil, he is often rejected. While in the forest one day, he witnesses Lord Sherborne's men capturing a pair of baby falcons. They plan to sew the young birds' eyes shut in order to train them. Horrified, he rescues the creatures and carries them back into the wilderness, where he meets an old hermit who has a gift of magic and a deep understanding of nature and its ancient powers. He is also the grandfather the youngster never knew existed. As Wat cares for the falcons, Griswold introduces him to the secrets of the forest and to a magic that allows the boy to cross the boundaries between this world and the spirit world. By story's end, Wat's newfound abilities allow him to save himself from Sherborne's men and to protect the creatures he loves. The author has done a fine job of integrating elements of fantasy into a historical setting. Wat and Griswold are both interesting and appealing characters. Readers will admire the boy's bravery, and many will envy his new life in the forest world.
Jane G. Connor, South Carolina State Library, Columbia
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From Booklist

Gr. 6-8. Young Wat is the outcast in his medieval English village because of his crippled body and one eye. This doesn't stop him, though, from stealing two baby falcons that were brutally lifted from their nest by Hugh, the local noble's chief huntsman. Fleeing into the forest with the tiny birds tucked into a sack, Wat comes across an old man, who leads him to safety. The man understands the mystical forces of nature, and as he instructs Wat how to conjure these forces, he also reveals his own connection to Wat. Things come to a climax when Wat confronts Hugh and his henchmen and is able to call on the supernatural forces to powerful effect. The author successfully blends rich descriptions of the medieval world and flights of fantasy into an exciting adventure with an ending that suggests a sequel for Wat and his falcons. Todd Morning
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