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The Demon Apostle
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Book 3.0 in the Demon Wars series
Ratings: ★★★★★
Publisher: GraphicAudio
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9781599506050
List Price: 0.00
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This is the third installment of Salvatore's Demon trilogy that starts with The Demon Awakens and The Demon Spirit. Once again the demon dactyl of Corona seems defeated. Ranger Elbryan Wyndon goes north to protect the new settlers from goblins and powries, but his beloved Jilseponie returns to Palmaris. There Father Abbot Markwart is consolidating his power over Church and State with the aid of gemstone magic and the demon's power. Pony's determination to stop the evil abbots puts her and Elbryan in deadly peril, for even the king has been turned against them. (Part 1 of 3)

From AudioFile

This is the first book in Salvatore's second trilogy about the complex world of elves, demons, and humans called Corona. Corona has seemed blissfully prosperous in the years since the first trilogy though old wounds still haunt the main characters. Jilseponie still mourns the loss of Ranger Elbryan even as we discover that her son, Aydrian, is not dead, but instead has been raised by elves, who have their own aspirations for the boy. While he seems destined to be a greater warrior than his father, dark forces send Aydrian on a different course. This is high fantasy at its best, which the folks at GraphicAudio show they are adept at delivering, especially battle scenes, which have lots of dialogue and sound effects. To keep up with this complex series, listeners are advised to begin with the first trilogy, also available from GraphicAudio. F.G. © AudioFile 2010, Portland, Maine