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Key of Valor
Genre: Adult , Contemporary , Fantasy , Mystery , Romance
Series: Book 3.0 in the Key Trilogy series
Ratings: ★★★★☆
Publisher: Jove
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9780515136531
List Price: 0.00
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From Publishers Weekly

This book concludes Roberts's Key Trilogy, in which mortal women quest to unlock the spellbound souls of ancient demigoddesses. The third and last woman to make the attempt is hairstylist Zoe McCourt. Like her friends Malory and Dana-heroines of the previous installments (Key of Light, Key of Knowledge)-Zoe has a single month and a cryptic set of clues with which to find her key. The angry sorcerer Kane fights her efforts as friends both mortal and immortal lend their support. As she searches, Zoe is courted by Bradley Vane IV, the sexy heir to a home improvement empire. She's not sure which is more difficult: accepting that she's magically linked with Brad or trying to quell her suspicions long enough to accept his love in the here and now. When she finds the courage to do both, the souls of all three goddesses are finally released. Smart but struggling single mom Zoe is an appealing heroine whose working-class grit finds a perfect foil in Brad's patrician confidence. Scenes involving her feisty son, Simon, temper the story's mysticism with humor, and the joining together of the trio as a family is genuinely moving. When it comes to combining sweetness, sexiness and the supernatural, Roberts proves once again that she is the most powerful spellbinder of all.
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Zoe McCourt's new friends and business partners Mallory Price and Dana Steele have already found two keys to the legendary Box of Souls. Now it is Zoe's turn to locate the final key needed to free up the souls of the Daughters of Glass, three Celtic demigoddesses imprisoned by an evil sorcerer. Even though Mallory and Dana both found the help of a man to be important to the completion of their portions of the quest, Zoe, a single mother used to doing things for herself, is determined that for her, things will be different. But destiny seems to have other ideas in mind for Zoe because every time she turns around, Bradley "Brad" Charles Vane IV is waiting to lend a hand. With Zoe's tale, Roberts brings her delectable new fantasy-tinged trilogy to a superb conclusion, presenting yet another excellent example of this exceptional writer's skills at blending myth, magic, and romance. John Charles
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