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Hidden Riches
Genre: Contemporary , Mystery , Romance , Suspense , Thriller
Series: missing
Ratings: ★★★☆☆
Publisher: San Val
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9780425197226
List Price: 0.00
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From Publishers Weekly

There are many riddles to unravel in Nora Roberts's latest novel before the chain of seemingly random murders and robberies swirling around a lovely Philadelphia antiques dealer can be resolved. There's no mystery, however, about why Roberts is a bestselling author of romances and mainstream novels: she delivers the goods with panache and wit. This time out, she skillfully blends a stirring love story with nonstop suspense, effortlessly shifting from melodrama to light comedy. Antiques dealer Dora Conroy's hidden riches start with the painting she bids for at a local auction, unaware of the treasure it conceals. Then there's her new tenant, handsome, brooding Jed Skimmerhorn, who moves into the apartment above her shop. Though the ex-cop and scion of a wealthy Philadelphia family first appears rude and rough, he surprises Dora with acts of tenderness. And Dora needs plenty of TLC after her shop is broken into, she's nearly raped and she learns that others who purchased goods from a particular shipment at the auction are turning up dead. Joining forces with Dora to track down the culprits behind the thefts and murders, Jed is drawn into the life of the effervescent Dora and her endearingly eccentric theatrical family. Readers will be too. Reader's Digest Condensed Book; Literary Guild and Doub le day Book Club alternate . 

From Library Journal

This latest by Roberts (Private Scandals, Putnam, 1993) will please her established fans and win her new ones. Isadora, a quirky antiques dealer, inadvertently buys a few knickknacks at an auction that were supposed to be in the hands of Edmund Finley. Isadora soon discovers that the heinously evil Finley is completely ruthless in his quest to retrieve his merchandise. Having just rented the empty apartment above her shop to a disillusioned, albeit rich and handsome, ex-cop, Isadora finds herself falling in love and trying to stay alive. Employing a story line that is a bit trickier than expected, a lot of witty sexual dialog, and an endearing assortment of secondary characters-including parents who really care about their adult child's welfare-this book is a sure winner for aficionados of contemporary romantic suspense. Recommended for public libraries.
Margaret Hanes, Sterling Heights P.L., Mich.