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Tears of Kerberos
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: Book 2.0 in the Star Crusades Uprising series
Ratings: ★★★★☆☆
Publisher: Swordworks
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9781906512309
List Price: 0.00
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Tears of Kerberos is the second book in the epic new science fiction series that chronicles humanity's first interstellar confederation, torn apart by religious strife and extremism.

In this latest book of the Star Crusades Uprising series, the religious insurgency continues to spread through the weakened colonies of the Confederacy. Spartan, now a sergeant in the Marine Corps and his armoured platoon is rushed to the defence of New Carlos on the planet of Prime. The massive city is besieged by the terrifying biomech shock troopers, its fall is imminent. As the battles rage across the continent enemy agents continue to foment revolt throughout the remaining colonies in their struggle to bring the empire crashing down.

An intelligence team on Kerberos discovers critical information on the enemy leadership and Admiral Jarvis sends a civilian ship with a crew of trusted commandos on a mission to hunt down the enemy and halt the revolt. The fate of the Centauri Confederacy lies in the hands of just a few brave men and women.

Tears of Kerberos is a classic work of realistic military science fiction set against the background of the first interstellar human empire.

The Star Crusades series currently includes the original Star Crusades Uprising and brand new Star Crusades Nexus series that follows the story of the Centauri Alliance seventeen years after the end of the Uprising. Novels currently available in the series include:

Siege of Titan (Star Crusades Uprising, Book 1)
Tears of Kerberos (Star Crusades Uprising, Book 2)
Fires of Prometheus (Star Crusades Uprising, Book 3)

Battle for Proxima (Star Crusades Uprising, Book 4)
Fall of Terra Nova (Star Crusades Uprising, Book 5)
Slaves of Hyperion (Star Crusades Uprising, Book 6)

Legions of Orion (Star Crusades Nexus, Book 1)


The Biomechs in this series rock. A cross between a man and a troll but outfitted with armor, the strength and reactions to be the ultimate bad guys. An accessible series - a good read :) - E Bridges

I had recently read the first book in the Star Crusades series (which was excellent) and I decided to read the sequel, Tears of Kerberos. I loved the action sequences. I would recommend this novel to anyone that likes sci-fi, action adventure novels. I'm looking forward to reading the next book by this author.- Lee Gimenez

There are more characters and the ending is a great setup for what I am sure will be an exciting third book. The idea of the CES armor, biomechs and the relatvely crude weapons makes for a cross between warhammer and middle ages! Plot, charcters and writing are spot on, well worth a read and light on the wallet too! - Stitch Jones

About the Author

Michael G. Thomas, is a writer, martial artist and military historian. He has written books on European martial arts and military history as well as Zombie Survival books and fiction. He is the co-founder of the prestigious Academy of Historical Fencing that teaches traditional armed and unarmed European martial arts. His specialist subject areas are teaching the use of the medieval two handed longsword and the German long knife in both the UK and other parts of Europe.

His academic background is as varied as his writing with degrees in Computing, Classical Studies and Machine Learning. In recent years he has undertaken substantial research in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence as well as Ancient Greek and Byzantine military history.