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Seer of Sevenwaters
Genre: Adventure , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Young Adult
Series: Book 2.0 in the Sevenwaters series
Ratings: ★★★★☆
Publisher: Penguin
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9780451463555
List Price: 0.00
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Get swept away in the romantic fantasy of this national bestselling author's world of Sevenwaters

The young seer Sibeal is visiting an island of elite warriors, prior to making her final pledge as a druid. It's there she finds Felix, a survivor of a Viking shipwreck, who's lost his memory. The scholarly Felix and Sibeal form a natural bond. He could even be her soul mate, but Sibeal's vocation is her true calling, and her heart must answer.

As Felix fully regains his memory, Sibeal has a runic divination showing her that Felix must go on a perilous mission-and that she will join him. The rough waters and the sea creatures they will face are no match for Sibeal's own inner turmoil. She must choose between the two things that tug at her soul-her spirituality and a chance at love...

From Publishers Weekly

Sibeal of Sevenwaters, the teen fifth daughter of the Lord of Sevenwaters, has always known she wants to be a druid. In this romantic follow-up to 2008's Heir of Sevenwaters, Sibeal's uncle Ciaran, her mentor, orders her to spend a summer on the sheltered island of Inis Eala, away from her training, to determine whether the contemplative life is truly for her. At first, Sibeal thinks that Ciaran is punishing her. Then a sudden storm brings a shipwreck and several mysteries that challenge Sibeal's resolve and vocation. Why does the Norseman Knut seem to be holding something back from the islanders, and if Svala is Knut's wife, why is she so terrified of him? And who is the handsome, amnesiac man Sibeal has found washed up on shore? Readers will thrill to this strong, heartfelt tale of the Sevenwaters family and their magical exploits. (Dec.)
(c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

From Booklist

The reader is thrown headlong into this story with the prologue, a first-person description of a shipwreck. The tale is set in the time of the druids, when Christianity has not yet driven the “old ways” out of northern Europe. A tale as intricate as a Celtic knot is woven between the two main characters, Sibeal and the shipwreck survivor. Sibeal is a young woman, determined to be a druid. She has all but completed her training when she finds the nearly drowned man, who has lost his memory. No details are too small, and altogether, they constitute a clear picture for the reader. As Sibeal struggles to bring the sailor up the beach, the reader will find themselves wishing they, too, could assist. When it becomes clear to the reader and also to other characters in the book that Sibeal has fallen in love, the confusion she feels is very familiar. This romance is sure to hold the attention of any reader fascinated by mythology, Celtic folklore, and druidism. --Rebecca Gerber