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The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 7
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Ratings: ★★★☆☆
Publisher: The Scarecrow Press, Inc.
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ISBN: 9780810854291
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The Essential OPL: 1998-2004 gives you the very best of The One-Person Library: A Newsletter for Librarians and Management. It covers the first seven years of OPL under the editorial direction of Judith Siess. If you work in a library as the only person or professional, you will find simple, practical, and low-cost ideas to provide outstanding service to your clients, impress your management with your value to the organization, and make your life easier. Included are articles on advocacy, finances, change management, planning or moving a library, technology, time management and prioritization, networking, collection development, reference, knowledge management, quick tips, pithy quotes, and some of Siess's "Thinking About..." editorials. In short, it is "everything you ever wanted to know about one-person librarianship, but didn't know where to look."