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The Road to Vengeance
Genre: Adventure , War , Young Adult
Series: Book 1.0 in the The Strongbow Saga, Book 3 series
Ratings: ★★★★☆
Publisher: Northman Books Inc
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9780061838118
List Price: 0.00


845 A.D.—the war in Frankia continues. Although increasingly outnumbered and in danger of becoming surrounded and cut off, the invading Danish army pushes deeper into enemy territory. But while the Danes’ leaders quarrel, the Frankish army, vast in size and power, slowly gathers.

The Strongbow Saga is an epic tale of one man’s unstoppable quest for justice and vengeance that carries him across the 9th century world of the Vikings. In The Road to Vengeance, book three of the Saga, Halfdan Hroriksson’s courage and skill have won him the support of powerful allies, including the cunning Viking chieftain Hastein, and fate has delivered into his hands a beautiful Frankish noblewoman, a valuable hostage whose ransom will bring him wealth. But even deep in Frankia, he is not safe from the hatred of Toke, the treacherous Danish chieftain who murdered Halfdan’s half brother and seeks Halfdan’s life, too. Now Halfdan must not only survive the Danish army’s desperate final gambit, but also defeat the deadly enemy within the army who is stalking him.