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Genre: Romance
Series: Book 4.0 in the Northern Shifters series
Ratings: ★★★★☆☆
Publisher: Samhain
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9781609284350
List Price: 0.00
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She follows her dreams into his arms…and danger is not far behind.

Children are supposed to outgrow night terrors. Mala is the rare exception. At night she dreams of wolves, ones who attack, and the ones her dream-self protects. The effort costs her—one dream often leads to a week of missed work.

After a months-long reprieve, the dreams are back with a vengeance. Her defense of a young wolf from his abusive father is rewarded when the boy mentions the name of a real town. Finally, the chance to learn if her dreams are just as real. She never expected to meet an honest-to-God alpha wolf, much less develop an instant, embarrassing crush on him.

Angus MacIntyre, the de facto alpha of Wolf Town, is determined to see every fugitive wolf employed, educated and well-adjusted to life in the open. The arrival of a young wolf on the run isn’t all that unusual, but the human woman hard on his heels is beyond extraordinary.

The dark-eyed beauty stirs his mine instinct in a way he’s never felt before. She possesses a dream-wraith ability that challenges everything he thinks he knows about his world, and makes her vulnerable to those who might try to use it—and her—to their advantage.

Warning: Wolf towns, bad guys, dreams and non-alpha alpha wolves, as well as an overabundance of family, and, of course, a healthy dose of romance and sex.


“Spencer's characters are endearing, the plot is entertaining and the love both man and boy find for the werewolf in this tender tale is well worth the wait.”

-- RT Book Reviews magazine on The Strength of the Wolf

“…well-paced and the build-up towards the climax is done very nicely indeed.”

-- Mrs. Giggles.com on Puma

“Jorrie Spencer has to write some of the most original storylines I have ever come across.”

-- Joyfully Reviewed on Puma

Book Description

At night Mala dreams of defending wolves from attack. In her latest dream, her defense of a young wolf is rewarded with the name of a real town. Finally, the chance to learn if her dreams are just as real.

The arrival of a young fugitive wolf is nothing new for Angus, the de facto alpha of Wolf Town. But the human woman following the boy is beyond extraordinary. He’s not only drawn to the dark-eyed beauty, he’s driven to protect her and her amazing ability from those who might try to use her for evil.