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Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids
Genre: Childrens , Fantasy , Science Fiction , Young Adult
Series: Book 2.0 in the Lucky Starr series
Ratings: ★★★☆☆
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9780451070470
List Price: 0.00
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Twenty-five years before, Lucky Starr's parents had been destroyed during a pirate raid on the Terrestrial Empire. Lucky had since brooded, awaiting a chance to avenge their deaths. Now the vermin of space once more threatened the empire's safety and tranquility. The time for sweet vengeance was near.

Lucky was at the helm of his space ship, the Atlas, was being readied for takeoff. The Luna City exhaust pit yawned as the ship's main rockets blasted their fury into it. Slowly and with majesty the Atlas lifted and moved upwards, its speed increasing, its mission underway. It pierced the black sky, shrinking until it was only a star among stars, and then it was gone.

"One man against the pirates of the asteroids," Lucky's friend, Conway, mused sadly. "Soon the ship will be a rain of molten metal," he thought. "Lucky Starr and the Atlas are doomed!"