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Bitch Is the New Black: A Memoir
Genre: Biography , Non-Fiction , Writing
Series: missing
Ratings: ★★★☆☆
Publisher: Harper
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9780061778827
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Meet Helena Andrews, sassy, single, smart, and, yes, a bitch—but Tina Fey said it best, bitch is the new black!

When Helena Andrews heard this declaration on Saturday Night Live, her first reaction was How daaare you? But after a commercial break and some thought, she decided to poke at the stereotype that says "successful" and "bitch" are synonyms. Unafraid and frank, she comes to realize that being a bitch is sometimes the best way to be—except, of course, when it's not.

Bitch Is the New Black follows Andrews—sexy, single, and a self-described smart-ass—on her trip from kidnapped daughter of a lesbian to Washington, D.C., political reporter who can't remember a single senator's name. Told in Andrews's singular voice, this addictive memoir explores the roller coaster of being educated and single while trying to become an "actual adult" and find love.

In these candid yet heartfelt essays, she chronicles that ride from beginning to end: a childhood spent on an all-white island, escaping via episodes of The Cosby Show; being set up with Obama's "body guy" Reggie Love by Maureen Dowd; and the shocking suicide of a best friend. Through it all, Andrews and her gang of girlfriends urge each other to "keep it moving." But no one can stay strong all the time—not even the women we believe do so without trying.

As Andrews says, "Despite the fact that the most recognizable woman in the United States is black, popular culture still hasn't moved past the only adjective apparently meant to describe us— "strong." She is also flawed, tired, naive, greedy, gutsy, frightened, and kind: secret sides that come out in honest detail here.

From Booklist

At 28 years old, having survived a tortured childhood raised by a peripatetic lesbian mother and a career as one of the few black writers for the New York Times and the only one for Politico.com, Andrews has surpassed the stereotype of the strong black woman and been deemed “perfect girl” by a boyfriend desperately trying not to commit. Andrews offers a caustic and humorous running account of her life, mad texting her girlfriends about dates and career horrors, as she navigates the prickly terrain of a modern America getting used to a black First Lady and struggling to rethink its image of black women in general. She recounts adventures with her dog Miles, who apparently—to her embarrassment—hates black men, and her search for Mr. Right, including a date with President Obama's bodyguard. She also offers painful recollections of near-abandonment by her mother, later growing up the only black child on Catalina Island, watching The Cosby Show with longing. Fans of her acerbic wit will appreciate this collection of essays. --Vanessa Bush


“The scathingly witty author examines a wide variety of topics that, beneath the jokes and sarcasm, address weighty issues (depression, aging, abortion) with wry astuteness…An irreverent, savvy and sharp memoir.” (Kirkus Reviews )

Bitch Is the New Black is an authentic fresh exploration of what it is to be young, black, and single right now—from a voice both outrageously funny and heartbreakingly honest.” (Shonda Rhimes, creator of "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice" )

“I didn’t like this book. I loved it....I’m giving copies to all of my girlfriends who have crazy families, love lives that revolve around IM, and, of course, I’m pretending I helped Helen write it.” (Angela Nissel, author of Mixed and The Broke Diaries )

“[A] bitingly funny — and honest — read....[Andrews] establishes herself as an individual, proving that the women who fit into the “strong (single) black woman” category are more complex than the one-dimensional persona lets on.” (Associated Press )

“Andrews’ combination of personal anecdote and analysis of success and race makes her tales unique. And at the same time, her exploration of gender in America is one surely any woman can relate to.” (Bust Magazine )

“With honesty and wit...Andrews is not afraid to reveal anything, even her bra size.” (Washington Post )