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The Bonaparte Secret
Genre: Suspense , Thriller
Series: Book 5.0 in the A Lang Reilly Thriller series
Ratings: ★★★★☆
Publisher: DP
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9781428511125
List Price: 0.00
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It was Napoleon Bonaparte’s most prized possession, the key to his vast global conquests and military victories. For nearly two centuries it has remained hidden. But now one nation will stop at nothing to locate it. And Lang Reilly may be the only man who stands in their way—unless they can eliminate him. From Venice to Port-au-Prince, Alexandria to Paris, Lang will need to stay one step ahead of assassins while trying to find the answers to…The Bonaparte Secret.


“The international setting and fast-paced action grip, and fortunately, Loomis's convincing protagonist possesses the intelligence and emotional depth to carry the reader…  [Readers] looking to repeat The Da Vinci Code experience will be satisfied.”                                                                                                                          −Publishers Weekly

“Dan Brown’s fans will find The Julian Secret a delight.”                                                     —I Love a Mystery

The Pegasus Secret is a driving thriller that slams the reader from the first page and doesn’t let up until the explosive end. A fantastic novel.”                                                                                                                 —Fresh Fiction

About the Author

Gregg Loomis is a lawyer specializing in commercial litigations, a former racecar driver, and a licensed commercial pilot. This is Mr. Loomis's sixth novel with  Dorchester Publishing. He is the author of Voodoo Fury, The Julian Secret, The Pegasus Secret, and The Gates of Hades and has published articles in FLYING and Scuba Diving magazines. Loomis has over half a million copies of his books in print that have been translated into several languages.