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The Worlds of Edmond Hamilton
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ISBN: 9781434457264
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Known as the "World Wrecker" for his galaxy-smashing space operas of the 1920s and '30s, Edmond Hamilton was born in 1904. His first story was published in Weird Tales in 1926, and for over forty years thereafter, he penned a series of intelligent, exciting, and highly readable science fiction stories for magazine and book publication. He died in 1977. His friend, Richard W. Gombert, has produced the definite guide to the master's work, covering his enormous output and numerous reprint editions in all languages and appearances. Reading through this labor of love is like examining a history of fantastic literature, because Edmond Hamilton was a key figure in the field from the beginning of the SF pulp magazines to the golden age of paperbacks. All students of Hamilton -- and all major academic library collections -- will want a copy of this guide. With an Original Introduction by the Late Jack Williamson.