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The Fortress of Glass
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Book 7.0 in the Lord of the Isles series
Ratings: ★★★★☆☆
Publisher: Tor Fantasy
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9780765351166
List Price: 0.00
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The Fortress of Glass is the first in the Crown of the Isles trilogy, which will conclude the epic Lord of the Isles series. A true trilogy, the action extends over the whole three-book arc. The Fortress of Glass begins the story of how the new kingdom of the Isles is finally brought into being by the group of heroes and heroines who have been central to all the books in the series. The group includes Prince Garric, heir to the throne of the Isles, his consort Liane, his sister Sharina, her herculean sweetheart Cashel, his sister Ilna, with her adopted child Merota and piratical Chalcus.

On giant triremes filled with soldiers and diplomats, they journey to the small kingdoms of the Isles to confirm the succession of Garric and to subdue, if necessary, any local rulers too fond of their own kingship to pledge fealty to Garric. All this is being done in a time when the powers of magic in the Isles have flooded to a thousand-year peak, and even local magicians can perform powerful spells normally beyond their control. Fantastic forces from all angles try to keep them apart and unable to continue the reunification of the Isles. So separately and together, they must fight their way back to the same time and place to combat the mysterious and supernatural menace of The Green Woman in her Fortress of Glass.

From Publishers Weekly

At the start of Drake's solidly crafted fantasy, the first of a trilogy that will wrap up the author's Lord of the Isles series (Goddess of the Ice Realm, etc.), Prince Garric is voyaging far in an effort to bring all the Isles under his rule. After landing on a new shore, Garric finds the local king, Cervoran, dead and his heir, the youthful Prince Protas, in dire need of help against an outbreak of wizardry. Before Garric can act, more wizardry propels him to another world, where he enlists the aid of a strange creature called the Bird against the monstrous flesh-eating Coerli that terrorize this other world. When King Cervoran returns to life, Garric's sister, Sharina, and his consort, Liane, must try to settle the question of who rules in Garric's absence. Drake, whose world building has been weak in past books, makes the most of his setting based on the classical Mediterranean world, and he's no longer uncertain in his handling of female characters. (Apr.)
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From Booklist

Lord of the Isles, Drake's grand fantasy saga set in an adapted classical Mediterranean world, takes on new dimensions in the opening volume of a new trilogy that will bring down the curtain on the whole shebang. In trying to bring all the isles under his rule, Prince Garris lands with a fleet in a kingdom whose wizard king has just died. Unfortunately, the monarch's death doesn't end the wizardry, and Garris is snatched away to fight a whole new set of battles in another universe, while his companions have to decide who shall rule in his absence. Wizardry is definitely on the march. Heck, the wizard-king even comes back to life and discovers the secret of levitation, and opposing his side are arrayed various monsters and the Green Woman, who travels about to do mischief from her citadel, the Fortress of Glass. Drake possesses every skill necessary to make this story thoroughly absorbing, even to new readers. Those who have sailed with him through the preceding two Isles trilogies ought to eagerly demand it. Roland Green
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