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Revenge at Bella Terra
Genre: Adult , Contemporary , Mystery , Romance , Suspense
Series: Book 2.0 in the Bella Terra Deception series
Ratings: ★★★★☆
Publisher: Signet Select
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9780451413109
List Price: 0.00
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Ruthless Eli Di Luca hides the torment of his past beneath a façade of iron control. No one suspects the anguish he suffers, or the reasons why he has sworn never to marry. Only blackmail could change his mind...
Beautiful young author Chloë Conte's first book zoomed to the top of the bestseller lists. Now, struggling to write her second mystery, she retreats to an isolated cottage in a private vineyard. But with his magnetic appeal and his fascinating tales of Bella Terra's violent past, Eli Di Luca proves an irresistible distraction, and Chloë finds herself falling in love with a man she hardly knows. Soon she discovers that Eli has been keeping secrets from her, and the truth will bring more than heartbreak...it will put them both in mortal danger.
When murder and peril threaten, the only way Chloe can survive is to trust the man who has betrayed her...and that's a price her stubborn heart may not be willing to pay.
Customers who like books by Nora Roberts and Julie Garwood will enjoy this story.

From the Author

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A blonde was lifting bags out of the trunk of a blue Ford Focus parked in front of the cottage, but from a distance it didn't look like Chloë. She was shorter than he thought she would be, maybe five-four. And thinner. Bony. "Geeze, girl, eat a burger," he muttered. Her complexion was pale, and as he neared, he saw she wore not a speck of make-up. Freckles dotted her nose. Her lips were lightly pink, as if she'd been biting them. And her hair--it was white-blonde, straight and short, sticking up all around her head like a dandelion puff waving in the breeze. As she turned to face him, he saw two pomegranate red strands sprang from her left temple.

Juvenile. So juvenile. Surely this wasn't Chloë.

But the face was right, cheeks sweetly rounded, big blue eyes, and as she turned to face him, a warm smile.

She was two weeks late with no explanation, her father was bribing him to marry her, she looked about sixteen which made Eli feel like an even worse cad and bigger lecher.

And she was smiling? She had the guts.

He stopped six feet away. Planted his feet. And demanded, "What happened to your hair?"

The smile disappeared. Temper flared in her eyes. "What happened to your face?"

She had the traces of a slow southern accent. She looked like a fragile woman who dissolved at a single cross word.

Apparently he'd read her wrong.

He rubbed his cheek. "My face? What's wrong with it?"

Taking his arm, she pushed him over to her car and pointed at his reflection in the mirror.

Okay. She had a point. He had grease smeared up one side of his nose and over his forehead and what hair had escaped from under his hat had been styled with thick, rich, black mud.

This was not the way he'd planned their meeting. He had intended to do as her father suggested and romance her. Instead he wore jeans and rubber boots caked with dirt, a denim shirt soaked in sweat, sunscreen and grease and his oldest hat.

Damn the woman. They weren't even married and already she was making him worry about the way he looked.

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About the Author

New York Times bestselling Christina Dodd builds worlds filled with romance and adventure and creates the most distinctive characters in fiction today. Her forty-six novels -- paranormals, historicals and romantic suspense -- have been translated into eighteen languages, featured by Doubleday Book Club, recorded on Books on Tape for the Blind, won Romance Writers of America's prestigious Golden Heart and RITA Awards and been called the year's best by Library Journal. Dodd herself has been a clue in the Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle (11/18/05, # 13 Down:  Romance Novelist named Christina.) Publishers Weekly praises her style that "showcases Dodd's easy, addictive charm and steamy storytelling," and her legions of fans always know that when they pick up a Christina Dodd book, they know they've found a story "For the wild at heart!"

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