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The Omega Expedition
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: Book 6.0 in the Emortality series
Ratings: ★★★★☆
Publisher: Tor Books
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9780765305985
List Price: 0.00
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The sixth volume of Brian Stableford's future history concludes the series and also refers back to its beginnings. Through five earlier volumes, Inherit the Earth, Architects of Emortality, The Fountains of Youth, The Cassandra Complex, and Dark Ararat, Stableford has mapped out for us in engaging stories the wonderful and sometimes disturbing world of the next thousand years, on Earth, throughout the solar system, and to worlds beyond, with emphasis on huge sociological changes and extraordinary alterations in the biological life of humans. It is one of the most detailed and plausible and fascinating projections in all of science fiction. Now, in The Omega Expedition, it takes us into another millennium, and is complete.

The Omega Expedition is a philosophical novel, a sequel to The Fountains of Youth. It is the extraordinary life history of Adam Zimmerman, developer of the technology of emortality. The main part of the narrative describes his long-delayed awakening into the 35th century, a time of true immortals. His exotic hosts--inhabitants of a microworld in the outer solar system--have recruited various interested parties to help with the resurrection project, one of whom (inevitably) is the famous historian of death, the immortal Mortimer Gray, who is exceedingly anxious to gain what insight he can into the vagaries of the mortal mind.

The Omega Expedition is a richly textured, serious SF novel that will resound like a huge bell, ringing down the halls of science fiction for years to come.

Amazon.com Review

Madoc Tamlin is a man with an unusual problem. He wakes to find himself a thousand years in the future, in a space station on the far side of the sun. Or so he is told by the mysterious, sexless human who greets him. Madoc assures himself that he's still in his own time, trapped in advanced virtual reality by one of his foes, because if he isn't, he has no idea why he was cryogenically frozen--which would mean that he was a dangerous criminal. And he doesn't remember that either! Plus, the notorious serial killer Christine Caine has been defrosted to join him, and they, along with their strange rescuer, have just been captured in an impossible space battle by an unknown enemy.

The Omega Expedition is the sixth and concluding volume of Brian Stableford's grand future history, which explores the possibilities and perils of emortality (near-immortality). This is one of the most thoughtful, complex, and ambitious series ever produced in science fiction, and its final novel, a standalone work, masterfully orchestrates the numerous characters, themes, plot lines, and ideas to a bold conclusion. But newcomers to the series really shouldn't start with The Omega Expedition. Read the novels of this future history in the author's intended order, detailed in his informative introduction to The Omega Expedition. Start with The Cassandra Complex. --Cynthia Ward

From Publishers Weekly

In this cerebral novel, the capstone to British author Stableford's (Inherit the Earth, etc.) much praised six-volume future history concerning the search for "emortality" (technologically assisted near-immortality), Madoc Tamlin, a 22nd-century shyster with a heart of gold, is defrosted after more than 1,000 years in suspended animation, only to discover that his awakening has been nothing more than a trial run for a more important revival. The posthuman emortals of the 35th century are preparing to bring back Adam Zimmerman, aka the Man Who Stole the World. Zimmerman, whose takeover of Earth actually saved the planet from environmental collapse in the 21st century, is the near-mythic founder of the movement that led to the emortal, posthuman culture that now inhabits our solar system. As Tamlin learns more about the society into which he has newly awakened, he discovers that it contains a number of rival factions, each of which espouses a different sort of emortality. Stableford does a fine job of pulling together an enormous number of loose threads. If his characters are sometimes flat, his presentation of the possible marvels of posthumanity is quite compelling, as is his thoughtful examination of the potential involved in near immortality. Readers who stick with this complex, intellectually challenging series to the end will find their tenacity well rewarded.
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