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101 Quick-thinking Games + Riddles for Children
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As any teacher can tell you, no two students learn alike. Some struggle to finish a test on time, others are done in minutes. Some students need a lot of structure, others need creative freedom. Despite the many different learning styles, there is one common factor: Children learn better when they're enjoying themselves. Just a few minutes of laughter and creativity a day can be more valuable than hours of homework. They can be used any time and are perfect for free time, supply teacher days and for enhancing Maths or English lessons. This book is divided into two parts: games and riddles. The activities gradually increase in complexity and teach important learning concepts while enhancing concentration. Ideas for modifying the games are included throughout and helpful icons indicate the size of the group and the need for props, a large space, an outdoor setting or physical contact. Some activities encourage children to find the correct answer first, some are games of wit and creativity and others encourage children to use vocabulary and language in unusual ways. All of them promote active learning, keep students engaged and give adults and children alike the chance to laugh, stretch and wake up their brains. Ages 6-10