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Tote Bags and Toe Tags
Genre: Mystery
Series: Book 5.0 in the Haley Randolph Mysteries series
Ratings: ★★★☆☆
Publisher: Kensington
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9780758253323
List Price: 0.00
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Haley Randolph's new job as a corporate events coordinator suits her like classic Chanel - as long as no one finds out her only degree is from bartending school. But then again, trouble's always afoot in the life of this amateur sleuth/professional fashionista...

On Haley's first day on the job, she finds the chief of security - who was performing Haley's background check - bludgeoned in her office. Naturally, the police peg Haley as their prime suspect, so she'll need to shop around on her own for some guilt-proof clues. Especially since some of the other recent hires at the company also have something to hide...

One of her new co-workers leads a double life - as in two wives and two sets of children. Another makes secretive, unexplained trips out of the country. Between her many investigations, the new high-pressure job, and her just-moved-in boyfriend, there's almost no time for the most important thing in Haley's life: maxing out her credit card. And it seems the company's squeaky-clean image is covering a lot of dirty truths. Though Haley's turning up a grab bag of suspects while squeezing in a few sales, the murderer is still knocking off her co-workers. If she's going to catch this killer, she'll need to be on her toes - heels and all - or she'll be this season's hottest victim.