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A Succubus for Christmas and Other Tales of Devilish Delights
Genre: Anthologies
Series: missing
Ratings: ★★★★☆
Publisher: Excessica Publishing
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9781609823948
List Price: 0.00
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Beautiful, seductive, enthralling, sensual, irresistible...deadly. The succubus is an enduring icon of myth, a demon that seduces and sleeps with her prey before taking their life and soul. In this collection M. E. Hydra brings you thirteen erotically charged tales of sexy succubi and other exotic creatures. In A Succubus for Chistmas a man discovers his surprise sexy gift also possesses a dark side...The Masterton Covenant asks how much would you risk for one night of perfect pleasure...Four men are taken to a very special place in Flesh Pitchers of Prague...A tough demon slayer discovers why 'Men can't fight them' in Slayer vs. Succubus...A man gets his Happy Ending in a sensual massage that touches him right to his soul...A former soldier tries to resist the wiles of an exotic alien queen in The Coils of Aenictia. Prepared to be enthralled, aroused and terrified by these and other tales of dark, seductive beauties. They'll give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, and terrors beyond your darkest nightmares...

About the Author

M. E. Hydra has been writing his own special brand of twisted horror erotica under the pseudonyms manyeyedhydra and Many-Eyed Hydra for a number of websites since 2007. He has an unhealthy fascination with dark seductresses and other mistresses of the night–fueled no doubt by the many horror movies he watched during a misspent youth–and these feature heavily in his stories. When it comes to writing about his exotic creations he's a firm believer that the femme fatale should at least give their victim good sex before the bad things start to happen. And bad things inevitably do happen...