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Cries From the Heart: Stories of Struggle and Hope
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Ratings: ★★★★☆
Publisher: Plough Publishing House
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ISBN: 9780874869804
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Cries from the Heart answers a specific spiritual hunger millions share – a longing for a personal connection to the divine. In times of crisis, all of us reach for someone, or something, greater than ourselves. Some call it prayer. Others just do it. For many, it’s often like talking to a wall.

People are looking for assurance that someone hears them when they cry out in their despair, loneliness, or frustration. The last thing they need is another book telling them how to pray or what to say, holding out religion like a good-luck charm. So instead of theorizing or preaching, Johann Christoph Arnold tells stories about real men and women dealing with adversity. Their difficulties – which range from extreme to quite ordinary and universal – resonate with readers, offering a challenge, but also comfort and encouragement. People will see themselves in these glimpses of anguish, triumph, and peace.