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Brown Eyed Girl: La Fleur De Love: Book Three
Genre: Romance
Series: missing
Ratings: ★★★★★
Publisher: Lori Leger
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9781940305134
List Price: 0.00
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You’d think Dr. Tiffany LeBlanc would breeze through life with no worries. Although practicing in Lake Coburn, Louisiana, she and her handsome fiancé, Tanner Collins, were both reared in Houston’s elite circle of social snobbery. Life could be so perfect…if she could just keep her cheating fiancé in check, and get her parents approval for once in their miserable lives. Her only moral support is her brother, Drake, a practicing Houston attorney, other than the loving, but relocated, nanny who raised them both.

Scott `Red’ McAllister comes from much different stock. Raised in a large, boisterously lovable, but hard-working family in a tiny Louisiana farming community, he’s a highly respected business man. The owner of one successful club in Lafayette, his second is under construction in Lake Coburn. His free-wheeling, single man lifestyle comes to a screeching halt after meeting the good doctor several months earlier. He decides then to steal her away from her unappreciative fiancé, his old college nemesis, Tanner.

Just when it looks like he’ll have it all, the tide turns ominously for Red. One mysterious phone call promising disaster for him, leads to another, each more baffling to the business man. The loss of his club due to fire is only the beginning of someone’s plan to ruin him.

Will the promise of new love triumph over hardship, or will revenge forge its own trail of death and destruction?


A truly heartwarming story, BROWN EYED GIRL, the 3rd book in Amazon bestselling author Lori Leger's wonderful LA FLEUR DE LOVE series, is a passionate, witty contemporary romance that kept me reading well up into the night. There are moments in this beautifully written story that will take your breath away and also those that will have you laughing-out-loud. Ms. Leger's story will leave you smiling and feeling good. Rich with passion, humor, danger, sexy, complex characters, clever banter, family dynamics, romance and a forever kind of love, this story is one you will want to read more than once. This story can be read as a standalone, despite being part of a series. But once you read this one, I am sure you will be eager to read the rest. There is a secondary romance...which leads up to the fourth amazing story in this series; HEAVEN IN YOUR EYES. I highly recommend BROWN EYED GIRL and look forward to reading more of the stories in this delightful series.
(5 STARS) By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

"Brown Eyed Girl" is a sweet romantic story, with a scrumptious love triangle between Tiffany, Tanner, and Red! ... Lori Leger is a master at great romance, though, and the one between Tiffany and Red is a perfect example. Their coming together in the end will give readers the hot love, tender sigh fix everyone yearns for in a love story!   And, an unexpected budding relationship sets the stage for the next great book!
(4 1/2 STARS) By InD'tale Magazine reviewer: Victoria Z. Burg

About the Author

When Lori Leger isn’t being a wife, mom, doting grandmother, and Mistress of Procrastination, she’s writing stories set in her beloved state of Louisiana. She’s a self-published author of Contemporary Fictional Romance and sole owner of Cajunflair Publishing. She has nine novels published in two series: La Fleur de Love and its spin-off Halos & Horns series. She has also contributed to, as well as published, short stories in each of the five Seasons of Love anthologies, a collaboration with several other authors. All of her books are available in both electronic book and print formats, and all set in her home state of Louisiana. She also contributed to the Sweet & Savory Cookbook of Amazon Authors, published by Top Ten Press. Lori also has an article published in the non-fiction book Writing After Retirement: Tips From Retired Writers, published by Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, and edited and compiled by Carol Smallwood and Christine Redman-Waldeyer. Several of her books have attained Amazon’s best-seller ranking and continue to earn good reviews from readers and review websites. She’s thrilled to have had two books final for InD’tale Review Magazine’s prestigious RONE’ Awards for two consecutive years. This year both her novels received Honorable Mentions at the ceremony. Although she may never become a millionaire as an author, she’s determined to keep plugging away at it for as long as the voices in her head compel her to write their stories.