1848: Year of Revolution
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"In 1848 a torrent of revolution ripped through Europe. The storm all but swept away the conservative order that had held sway since the fall of Napoleon in 1815, suppressing dreams of national freedom and of constitutional government. Over the course of the spring and summer, crowds of working class radicals and middle-class liberals in Paris, Milan, Venice, Naples, Palermo, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Munich, and Berlin toppled the old regimes and began the task of forging a new order. Political events so dramatic had not been seen in Europe since the French Reovlution of 1789 and would not be witnessed again until the revolutions of Eastern and Central Europe in 1989." 1848 is a comprehensive account of this extraordinary year. Historian Mike Rapport traces the roots of the revolutionary fervor and then chronicles the explosive spread of violence across Europe. A narrative of a continent in revolt, 1848 tells the thrilling story of a violent and tumultuous age - and explains the many ways in which 1848 continues to shape the modern world.