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Going Down in La-La Land
Genre: Gay
Series: missing
Ratings: ★★★★☆
Publisher: Andy Zeffer
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9781560235972
List Price: 0.00
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"Going Down In La-La Land" is a candid, sexy and outrageously funny look at what an actor will do to survive in Hollywood. Young, ambitious and gay, Adam Zeller arrives from New York with the looks and talent to become a star but soon finds himself lost in a seamy (and steamy) underworld of gay porn and male prositution, dealing with down-and-out directors, washed up starlets, crystal meth addicts and the pretty boy Hollywood A list. Struggling to find his way back to the yellow brick road of stardom, Adam gets a first-hand education on the X-rated film industry and finds out what really goes on in the town's top talent agencies. But it's not long before he's reduced to working as a male prostitute, turning tricks with a billionaire businessman and getting a peek inside the closet of one of America's most beloved TV stars. "Going Down In La-La Land" is a sexy and scandalous look at the other side of Hollywood, where dreams are dashed and hopes replaced with heartbreak.

"Going Down in La-La Land" is the basis for the hit film of the same name by director/actor Casper Andreas. The movie features Bruce Vilanch, Judy Tenuta, and Perez Hilton. It stars newcomers Matthew Ludwinski and Allison Lane.

Acclaim for "Going Down in La-La Land"

"I can't believe Andy Zeffer made up the people in this book, because I know each and every one of them. They exist on that fault line that separates Hollywood from WeHo (West Hollywood) and fantasy from reality, a fault line that rumbles every day. Everybody is for sale and the goal is to get gift wrapped for life before you get marked down. Shrewdly observed, this is a terrific WeHo novel with a deep soul where the fluff usually is." - Bruce Vilanch, Writer/Actor

"A racy romp through the dark and funny sides of Hollywood, porn, drugs, and the closet." - Michael Musto, Village Voice

"Going Down in La-La Land" is Perezcious! This sexified tale of drugs, sex, power, sex, money, sex, and sex would make a Hilton blush. And that's saying something! This is one of the most braziliant books - gay or straight or bi or curious - of the year. A must-read!" - Perez Hilton, Gossip Gangsta


"A RACY ROMP through the dark and funny sides of Hollywood, porn, drugs, and the closet." -- Michael Musto, Columnist, Village Voice

"Going Down in La-La Land takes a concise, unflinching look at the seamier side of Hollywood." -- Ben Patrick Johnson, Actor, Activist, and Bestselling Author of In and Out in Hollywood and Third and Heaven

About the Author

Andy Zeffer is Features Editor of The Express News in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His work has appeared in the Provincetown Banner, the New York Blade, the Washington Blade, Southern Voice and US Weekly. In a previous life, he was an actor, appearing in Woody Allen's Celebrity and the hit independent film, The Fluffer.