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Nauti Dreams
Genre: Contemporary , Romance
Series: Book 3.0 in the Nauti series
Ratings: ★★★★★
Publisher: Jove
Pub Year:
ISBN: 9781436237413
List Price: 0.00


Natches Mackay separated himself from his family years ago, except for the two cousins who became the only family he knows. Now, he's being dragged back into his father's life in a way that could destroy him and the only woman he's ever felt a spark for.


“When I’m in the mood for steamy romance, I read Lora Leigh.”
—Angela Knight

“A sensual roller coaster.”
Love Romances

“A scorcher.”
A Romance Review

“A perfect blend of sexual tension and suspense.”
Sensual Romance Review

“Hot sex, snappy dialogue, and kick-butt action.”
Romantic Times (Top Pick)

About the Author

Lora Leigh is a Kentucky native who enjoys gardening, fishing, and hiking with her husband.